How to make a textured abstract painting | For beginners

How to make a textured abstract painting | For beginners

I am so excited to share this technique with you! I was just playing around trying to come up with new things to incorporate into my abstract paintings and I thought you might enjoy this! 🤗

Tag me on instagram or facebook with your painting, because I would love to see how you incorporate this technique into your work/ your very own texture abstract painting! 🗾🌁🌅

I know you can also make use of gesso to create something like this and there are many other techniques you can use. If you have any alternative recommendations, please comment here so that the entire Gypsy community benefit from it 🤗 We would very much appreciate it!

PS. In this textured abstract painting tutorial I show you what I did on an acrylic sheet with this technique as well. If you would like to create the same on an acrylic sheet, make sure you sand the sheet so its nice and rough, otherwise the materials will chip off. Although I would recommend that you rather just use a board for this instead of acrylic. I just had an acrylic sheet lying around and thats why I’ve decided to use it… But as I’m writing this is I am realizing I could’ve totally used that for something else, like using glass paint on it and then framing it to hang in front of a window! 😃 Comment below if you’d like to see a tutorial like that 😃

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Materials used in How to make a textured abstract painting | For beginners

  • Plaster of paris (reccomended) but I used pollyfiller
  • Board or an ikea frame
  • Pallette knife
  • Spray paint

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