When I was 6 years old, my mom received a report card from my play school saying: “Dané does not like playing with other kids.  She likes to sit inside and draw” 🤣

From a very young age I was very passionate about painting and drawing.  I’ll never forget this beautiful watercolour paint set I got from my parents when I turned 5 years old.  I used to spend most of my days creating dozens of paintings.  

In high school, I was always preoccupied with my sketchbook and did not really care much about maths or science (something I do regret years down the line). 🙈

I then went to study art at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa and shortly after moved to Dubai.

Fast forward to now, I enjoy making online art tutorials for beginners on You Tube!  😁😍

You can check them out here:         

Awesome painting tutorials for beginners!👩🏻‍🎨

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